Senin, 29 April 2013

280413, 11.59 p.m

It began unexpectedly, writing a text saying "good morning" to you
Your respond was quite good at first
Since then i gather my courage to keep doing it
Every morning, i think hard how would i text you

and would look forward to your respond

Now, it has been more than two weeks
Unconsciously it becomes a habit now

But various reasons make me to think it over
and various questions come out on and on
Did i disturb you?
Did it effect you in any matter?
Did i have to keep saying "good morning" to you?

I couldn't be so ignorant
Because it involves you, your feelings

So, I just wanna say
That for this past two weeks, I was really happy sharing morning greetings with you
I hope you keep your spirit high , and don't forget to smile (always)
Surely it will cease away your tiredness

this is the last Mas Mik
Thank you .. :)