Selasa, 16 November 2010

am i...

am i too greedy ? i want u all by myself..
am i too egoistic? i need u always right beside me...
am i too cocky? i am the one that give u the most...
am i that stupid? i keep only u in my mind...
am i totally insane? i cant wipe u from my life even if for a second..
am i seriously pathetic? i am the only one that feel all those way..

for all these questions and answers..
i am me..
someone who loves u earnestly.

Minggu, 14 November 2010

rain's story VI

the rain stops,
but i hope not for our destiny,,

(using comma, because our destiny will still run)

rain's story V

the rain almost stops,
but not the feeling,
it's still madly growing..

rain's story IV

nothing changes like the water that always fall to the ground,
the feeling from the start till now,
i have always fallen for you..

rain's story III

harder than before,
and the feeling overflowing..
i miss you like crazy..

rain's story II

rain's still dropping,
and my mind flash to the back,
remembering all those unforgetable memories with you..

rain's story I

it rains hard this time,
though it's wet,
it's still beautiful for me,
because every drop of water that fall down makes me remembering you..


you will never know how it feels..
dying because of missing you..