Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

puasa untuk diet

hi. hi. long time no see, it has been long time i haven't written in my blog, it's a nice weather when i change my layout, right ?? it feels good,
o yeah.. how 's my articles about diet before? does it contribute something for your own diet ? i hope it does.
okay, right now, i would tell you about diet in fasting period, some people think that fasting would make our diet successful, because we will lose some kilos, but all of you have to be careful, because losing the weight in fasting period could manipulate you, why i said that? the reasons are, first, it's clear enough that we could lose weight in fasting period, because we only eat two times a day, and in "sahur" time we usually lose our intention to eat. second, for students or for officers, they have to do their normal activities, like studying or working, so their energy is in used as usual.third, because in fasting period, we lack of sleeping, people usually sleep early and time to eat is also reduced.
that are several reasons why we lose our weight in fasting period, but i believe, when we really focus on our diet and not run from the pattern of diet, we would really lose our weight permanently.